Transformation has always been important to me.

I sought out ways to transform, to stand out from everyone else.  This began a life long journey to learn more and do more. I felt like I lacked something so I needed to fill that void with more! I sought knowledge. I studied healing modalities, meditation, theater, public speaking, religions, metaphysics, plants, and so much more...

Leading this lifestyle of  transforming and seeking, I was burning the candle at both ends, but never slowed down to see the effects of living an outwardly driven life would have on all levels of my being.

Years had passed and I looked in the mirror to see the reflection of a 40 something, overweight, out of shape mom. Looking even deeper into that reflection, I was depressed, angry, living in the loop of satisfaction. I was looking for happiness outside of myself. I was riding the emotional roller coaster of life. Blaming others for my failures was something that empowered me.

I was facing health concerns that would lead me to becoming a statistic and locked into the medical treadmill if I didn't take immediate action and change.

I had been woking on my personal healing and spiritual transformation and helping others in their healing journey  as a healing practitioner for over 10 years. In this poor shape, what kind of an example was I? Not a good one for sure!

Nurturing others was something that I built my healing business around, but now it was time for me to nurture me.

Several years ago, using the Soma Essential Healing and Wellness Modality, I changed my life for the better.

Soma Essential Healing and Wellness incorporates 4 Pillars of Total Wellbeing : Spiritual Power, Improved Mental State, Emotional Resilience, and Vibrant Health.

Working with these 4 Pillars, deepening my connection to the Self, the Supreme Intelligence, calming the restless mind, increasing emotional resilience, and strengthening the physical body created the space for me  to reverse type II diabetes, heal insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome and fatty liver.

My mind is less restless. My emotions are less agitated. And my focus has shifted more inward. I experience more peace and calm on a daily basis and am happy for no reason at all.

Soma Essential Healing and Wellness has made such difference in my life that I now work exclusively with the modality in my healing practice.

I am a certified Soma Essential Healing and Wellness practitioner, lifestyle coach, and healing practitioner.

If you want to get off the medical treadmill and reclaim vibrant health and total well being, I can help you with that.

I can help those suffering with auto-immune issues, blood sugar imbalances, metabolic issues, excessive weight, inflammation and general malaise.

Stress is increasingly becoming an epidemic in our country. More and more people need help in this area. Stress impacts mood and mental states. To provide support with compromised mental and emotional states, I also offer hands on healing to clients.

My specific focus in my private healing practice is on food ( plant based nutrition) and herbs ( personalized formulas, herbal hydrotherapy and foot baths), with foundational practices of breathing/grounding, meditation and sound healing ( Crystal singing bowls).

I have spent over a decade training with spiritual masters and leading edge practitioners, including experts in the fields of nutrition and Herbology, NLP, Qi Gong, and meditation.

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