The Soma Essential Healing Advantage

Written by Deana Tareshawty December 2016

Wellbeing is a lifestyle! On the surface, Soma Essential Healing may appear to be just like all the other healing modalities out there.

I know the claims of many modalities, as I have been a healing practitioner for 8 years. I have been trained in and offer modalities such as Reiki, Spiritual healing (laying on of hands), sound therapy and crystal healing. I am now being certified as in the Soma Essential Healing modality and I offer it exclusively in my healing practice.

What exactly is Soma Essential Healing?

I can tell you, from a practitioner’s perspective, that I have never witnessed such profound results when I applied other healing modalities, as I have with the Soma Essential Healing.

Soma Essential Healing moves beyond the means of being solely about relaxation and feeling good. This modality provides a core for revitalization and regeneration.

A client of mine suffered from extreme back and hip pain. She was not able to stand up straight or walk without difficulty. Going up and down stairs was challenging. She had to sleep in a certain position to be able to get out of bed in the morning. The quality of her life was impacted due to her mobility issues. This included the type of job she could hold, the social activities she could engage in and the poor attitude that came from having limitations in these areas.

To treat her issues, she was under the care of a chiropractor and sought out every healer, psychic, and magic potion on the market. All she wanted was to be pain free.

When I finally convinced her to schedule a Soma Essential Healing session, she was skeptical. She wanted to know what I was going to do that the other practitioners couldn’t. She wanted to know what was so special about this.

Well, after the session, she sat up quickly and jumped off my table (more like leaped!), stood up straight and pranced around like a young girl, full of vitality and energy. She said, “I can’t believe this. Usually, when I lay flat, I have to move my leg in a certain way to put it in place so I can even sit up. Now, I’m sitting right up without moving my leg!” Her whole appearance was changed and she appeared brighter, happier and completely energized.

The next day she came back to my office and said, “Look at me.” She ran up and down the front stairs to my office, she walked/pranced up and down the hall. She was standing straight. She asked me “How did you do that? I want to know how you did that!”

The only thing I could tell her is that I was not the doer. This was a gift of Grace, but if she needed to know specifics, I transmitted vibrational healing power throughout the energy channels of the physical and subtle bodies, in the way I have been trained. I reminded her that it was now her job to nurture this revitalization of her physical body by addressing her restless mind and adopting a more holistic lifestyle.

Two weeks later and she is still moving with no limitations. She even helped me carry chairs to set up for an event! The whole time she helped me she just kept repeating, “ I can’t believe this. Look at me.” As my friend helped me set up chairs, she asked me how long the effects of this healing would last. I replied, “ It’s up to you. It can last as long as you want it to.”

The Maharudra Awakening

Health and wellbeing is a lifestyle. To heal on a physical and emotional level, while maintaining great health and well-being, is a collaboration that you are responsible for, in partnership with your healing practitioner.

As a healing practitioner, over the years I have witnessed many clients use me as a band-aid to temporally fix their symptoms and issues. Many people don’t understand that their healing involves them!

One of the things that I love about the Soma Essential Healing modality is that Kedar, the creator of Soma Essential Healing, has designed a way to help clients take responsibility for their healing in a proactive way that can prevent future symptoms and illness. He has developed The Maharudra Awakening as one of the tools for doing so.

The Maharudra Awakening is an essential process that helps the client nurture the healing process, in between Soma Essential Healing sessions, with a daily practice that not only addresses chronic, physical and emotional symptoms, but helps calm the restless mind as well.

The restless mind contributes to a life out of balance, robs you of your well-being and creates a space for illness to develop.

What the Maharudra Awakening Has Done for Me

Beyond feeling more at ease, I know how very powerful this process is from my own experience. As I practice The Maharudra Awakening on a regular basis, it brings me peace and increased vitality. I’ve also been able to test it when my body was very ill. So, I know that it delivers the results claimed.

Last month I let myself get run down and developed the flu. I literally felt like I was going to die – fever, chills – even my hair hurt! I barely had the strength to sit up, but I made myself practice The Maharudra Awakening.

I practiced it as much as I could the first day of the flu. The next day, when I woke up, I had 75% improvement in my flu symptoms. All that remained was a cough. My fever had vanished and I was no longer feeling achy or that death was near.

I also observed that my attitude was greatly improved after engaging the process. I wasn’t complaining about being sick or looking for fault or blame.

I do believe that The Maharudra Awakening helped heal of this illness. And I experienced that it helped me even more, on a subtle level, as I took responsibility for my well-being and chose this healing power over that of Nyquil.

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