Wellbeing is a Lifstlye

Well-being includes dedication to vibrant health through peace of mind and healthy living. Here, our experience tells us that vibrant health and healing begin within.

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A Typical Inspired Wellbeing Session Includes...



Discuss your current wellbeing and why you are here. Map out a plan of action to get you into vibrant health NOW.

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Health and wellbeing encompass four main areas in life: the physical body, emotions, mental state and attitudes, and a relationship/belief in a higher power or source.

My approach to your healing and wellbeing includes all four of these areas. My approach to your healing will require some work and effort on your part. This is not a band-aid healing service. To know more about how I work and who I am, click here.

What will NOT happen in your Inspired Wellbeing session: I will not tell you that you are surrounded by angels, ascended masters or any other such beings from the other side of life. I will not discuss your astrology chart, totem animals or spirit guides. I will not tell you that you have nice energy or pretty colors in your aura. If that is the type of healing you are seeking, then this is not for you.

This approach to healing is based in practicality, and it involves structure and accountability.

We discuss the relationship between wellness and food choice. We encourage physical movement or exercise as a means to cope with the stress and emotions of daily life. We set the foundation for a spiritual practice of inner reflection to cultivate a more peaceful life.

What will happen in your session is this: a thorough discussion of your current health and spiritual lifestyle.

We do this to capture an understanding into what can be contributing to dis-ease and disharmony in your life. Why? Because a restless mind and agitated emotions are an entry point for the manifestation of illness to enter the physical body. Diet and exercise are also a huge contributor to the overall health and wellbeing of the physical body and your mental state and emotions. Many common complaints of lack of energy begin here.

After the discussion, we then proceed to the energy session itself. Here you lie, fully clothed on my table, and I move my hands over your physical body to deliver the energy. At times I may touch the body and apply light pressure to certain points that are causing an energy backup or disturbance in the proper flow. I am applying vibrational healing at the cellular level to help you achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

After the session, we have more discussion and you go home with recommendations and tools to help you achieve balance and work on any long standing issues we find.

Before you leave my office, you will be given a plan and shown how to enact it. It is then your responsibility to follow through on the plan. 

Healing is an ongoing process and I take my job leading you to health and wellbeing very seriously.

As such, I work with clients who are interested in Inspired Wellbeing in a minimum of three-month increments.

Your health and wellbeing all begins with your commitment.  Vibrant health is a reflection of your inner state and your commitment to take charge of your well-being, with you at the center of responsibility for staying well is the first step.

My approach to healing and well-being is not meant as a replacement for medical treatment.

The investment for a 3-month Inspired Wellbeing package is $250.

When you book your session, a $25 deposit will be required to hold your appointment. The balance of that first session will be due upon completion of that session and is $75.

Session two and three are $75 each session.

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Ready to experience vibrant health?