Need some serious "me" time?

This hour of total pampering, pure bliss and luxury will fill that need.

Begin with a luxurious detoxifying aromatherapy goat milk foot soak to wind down. Next be treated to a "Energy Facial", which is concentrated energy to the head, face, neck and shoulders to revitalize, relax and promote wellbeing.  This session also includes therapeutic application of essential oils to the hands and feet in your scent of choice.

Pure Bliss Sessions are 1 hour and are  $45

To Schedule your Session please call 330-716-0389

The Scent Journey Experience

Enjoy a scent from my collection of Brio Wellness Oils, my own propriety blend of scents for health and wellness.

Touch of Grace: An elegant and majestic journey with notes of rose and jasmine as the star. This experience is meant to renew and uplift. It speaks to inspire love, trust and devotion. It speaks of honoring your spirit and sacred heart.

Inner Joy: Feel positively happy all over! This scent journey shines with notes to inspire and uplift a hopeless mood. Enjoy the unique and captivating, sweet and spicy, intoxicating blend that makes you want to smile. It speaks to active creation, self-assurance and responsibility. This is a must smell and customer favorite!

Presence: Regain the strength to get going again. This scent journey includes a kick of peppermint, sure to inspire resilience and a cheerful soul. This scent journey speaks to self-knowledge and divine companionship that comes with being present in the moment.

Inner Peace: Feel abundantly nurtured, enveloped and grounded in this journey. Inner peace begins with an earthy citrus hug that develops into the relaxation of walking through a field of lavender.  This scent journey compliments those seeking to relax and unwind.

Are you a single-note scent journey experience seeker? No problem.

I can offer the following single note scents to make your journey all about you:






Wild Orange

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