Wellbeing is a Lifestyle

By Deana Tareshawty

March 12, 2017

Pay attention, and you will notice that at least one television commercial per show advertises a drug, and most commonly features drugs for diabetes, heart disease, depression, or sexual dysfunction.

Why is our consciousness being flooded with suggestions that we may suffer from one of these maladies?  More importantly, why are we being told that our only option for healing is in taking a pill?  Have we, as a society, become stuck in thinking that we can be fixed with a pill, without putting forth self-effort to improve our own health and well-being?

About 4 years ago, I was suffering with a mysterious, fluctuating pain that manifested in my right side near my liver and gallbladder. I also experienced several other symptoms: fatigue, depression, rashes on my hands, mood swings, hot flashes, headaches, and constipation.  My thinking at that time dictated that I rush off to the doctor and see what was “wrong” with me.


Every scope, probe, and blood test performed yielded no answers.  Hundreds of dollars worth of testing showed nothing was wrong with me.  The only result outside of normal range was an elevated A1C (blood sugar) of 6.2, putting me in a medically-defined “pre-diabetic” range.

This was a shock and wake-up call.  Looking at the chart my doctor handed me on blood sugar levels, I now had proof of just how much I had not made my wellbeing a priority. I thought I could correct this with some self-effort. I didn’t want to be dependent on a medication for the rest of my life!  However, my doctor immediately went into “diabetic protocol” mode, pushing medication, a diabetic diet, and a referral to the Diabetes Coordinator to discuss my treatment plan.

Wait, stop!  My number was 6.2. While this is not a great reading, it was completely manageable with well-being and lifestyle changes, aspects my doctor did not even consider.  All she was focused on was a number. “Deana” stopped existing and instantly became “6.2 Diabetic Protocol” to the medical world. This dehumanization was more shocking to me than my actual blood sugar level!

Especially considering the list of possible side effects was worse than my actual untreated symptoms, I refused to take any medication and told my doctor I would take responsibility for my own wellness. I refused to own that label of “pre-diabetic.”

Well-being includes equal attention to four areas in life: the physical body, emotions, mental attitudes, and spiritual power. These areas all work together to create a stable foundation to manage all the energies of life.

At that time, my foundation was not stable. The restlessness of my mind contributed to the poor attitude I held around food, exercise, and spiritual practice. I simply held this idea that I did not have time to cook a healthy meal, exercise, or meditate. Often, I would just grab something frozen or canned, heat it, and shove it in my mouth, without gratitude, thoughtfulness, or consideration.

After hearing my A1C level, I got a trainer and worked out 3 times a week, stopped eating red meat, and moved to a more plant-based diet. I adopted a more spiritual lifestyle, and utilized meditation to reduce stress, improve emotions, and increase my awareness.  Within a week, I began to transform the lack of energy and fatigue into vitality.  My skin cleared up and my mood stabilized.  The mysterious pain had vanished!  My whole being felt fresh and renewed.

This past October, the pain came back and I was experiencing lack of energy. Again, I went back to my doctor.  Immediately, the PA looked at my chart and—without conducting any testing—began pushing me toward medication based on what was had been documented four years ago.  She had not taken any new blood to know what my A1C number was at this point, had not listened to the lifestyle changes I had made, and once again reduced me to numbers.

After I became defensive at her assumptions, she conducted additional blood tests.  As it turned out, my A1C was 5, within normal range, and I was no longer pre-diabetic—a result of my self-effort and taking responsibility for my life choices and wellness.  I had refused to be bullied into a diagnosis and treatments I did not need.

In most cases, disease is what develops when proper attention to wellbeing is ignored. If we listen carefully and with awareness, the body will tell us how to take care of it, to stop and reverse any damage that has been done. So, in this instance, the pain had returned to warn me that I was neglecting my wellbeing once again. I had gone through a tough few months in life. The demands of my family were more than usual, on top of making major life changes in my business and spiritual life. I started putting myself last on the list to be taken care of, and now my body was telling me to pay attention and get back on track. I began to slide back into eating on the run, and not being as consistent with my exercise.  I was not suffering from a pre-diabetic condition. I was suffering from an overall lack of balance, and my foundation was beginning to crumble.

Wellness or well-being is a lifestyle, a reflection of your inner state.  It does not improve by ingesting pills or reducing individuals to diagnoses and numbers in a chart. As a good first step to improve overall well-being, take an honest look at what attitudes you hold that may contribute to a lack of well-being in your life, and take charge.  Educate yourself on your condition.  No one cares more about you than YOU!  Look for medical and alternative health professionals that will work with you, listen to options, and explore alternatives.

Have a plan and knowing where you are going.  I was so grateful to have a modality such as Soma Essential Healing to turn to for guidance, support and that plan.  The techniques in this modality helped me calm my restless mind, and put my emotions and thoughts into perspective. It helped to educate me on the importance of diet and physical exercise and how this all related to total wellbeing.

Don’t give up on your wellbeing. Life circumstances can be distracting and sometimes we let those distractions take over. It happens. But don’t stop making the effort. Every moment is a moment to do something toward your total wellbeing. Your patience and effort will be rewarded with a vibrant, healthy and happy life!

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